मित्रहरु, हामीले अबका दिन देखि "अब तपाईको पालो" स्तम्भबाट तपाईका सेक्ससँग सम्बन्धित सम्पुर्ण सामग्रीहरु समावेश गर्ने योजना बनाएका छौ । जसमा तपाईले आफ्ना अनुभवहरु साटा-साट गर्न सक्नुहुनेछ । यहाँ हामीले कुनै पनि कुरामा बन्देज लगाउने छैनौं । त्यसैले तपाईले जे जस्ता सामग्रीहरु राख्न सक्नुहुनेछ । यहाँ तपाईले फोटाहरु, लेख-रचनाहरु, कबिता, जोक्स्हरु, मुक्तकहरु, तपाईका चिकाचिक गर्दाका अनुभव लगाएतका सामग्रीहरु राख्न सक्नुहुनेछ । तपाईका यी सामग्रीहरु हामीले कुनै रोकतोक सिधै प्रकाशित गर्ने व्यवस्था गरेका छौं त्यसैले तपाईले कुनै सम्पादन वा काटछाट होला भनेर डराउनु पर्दैन । तपाईले तपाईको सामग्री तपाईको ईमेलमा लेखेर 420nepal.mypost@blogger.com मा ईमेल गर्नु भयो भने यो सिधै http://www.420nepal.blogspot.com/ मा प्रकाशित हुन्छ । नपत्याए एउटा ईमेल लेखेर try गरी हेर्नुहोस् है त ।
ईमेल गर्ने तरिका:
To: 420nepal.mypost@blogger.com
Subject: शिर्षक लेख्नुहोस, के हो ।
फोटाहरु राख्न खोज्दै हुनुहुन्छ भने तपाईले Attach गर्नुहोस् ।
detailमा तपाईले फोटाहरु, लेख-रचनाहरु, कबिता, जोक्स्हरु, मुक्तकहरु, तपाईका चिकाचिक गर्दाका अनुभव लगाएतका सामग्रीहरुको बारेमा लेख्नुहोस अनि तपाईको नाम चाहि लेख्न नभुल्नु होला तल वा माथि र send गर्नु होस् ।

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Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 quickly exceeds 150,000 downloads


Since the release of Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 in October, 2015, Audio4fun has reached its download target sooner than expected; and that’s not all.

Voice Changer Software Diamond, developed by Audio4fun, is the advanced audio/voice morphing and processing software solution that provides users with real-time voice changing abilities as well as assists them with professional audio editing. The new Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 was officially released last October and quickly achieved 150,000 downloads within 5 months.

"Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 welcomed its 150,000th user last Saturday and it was a great encouragement to our team. We are very pleased to know that we apparently are going in the right direction. Our latest release of the software reflects the efforts of much planning and design improvements," said Chris R.F - head of Quality Administrator at Audio4fun.

In version 9.0, the main feature Voice Morpher, which allows users to change their voices’ characteristics, was built around a software re-organization. The new Voice Morpher contains not only 3 fundamental Voice Attributes (Pitch-Timbre-Formant Pitch), but also 2 essential modules, Voice Beautifying and Advanced Settings. This new organization assures the users that their input voice/audio will be well processed and enhanced in every aspect to produce the most natural quality outputs.

Chris also revealed, “We also collected 71% positive votes from people who downloaded and tested Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0. That says a lot about the initial acceptance of the changes, however; we must try more and more until we obtain 100% customer satisfaction. There remain some challenging technical problems that need to be solved in the future.”

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0’s strong first impressions and success at reaching its targeted release goals concludes a smooth start for a promising year for Audio4fun. Users interested in trying this new version can easily find a download link at http://www.audio4fun.com/download.php?product=vcsdiamond&type=exe&aff_avangate_id=56629&aff_plimus_id=1084610